First 900 GeV collisions of the year

CMS event Copyright: © Gaelle Boudoul

Email from CMS run coordination: Dear Colleagues, This is always a great pleasure to announce the first collisions of the year! Today we just got the first 900 GeV collisions with stable beams.
We are successfully recording data (ongoing Fill # 8541). The beam from the previous LHC fill was shifted by 1 bucket and prevented the tracks to be reconstructed. LHC reinjected after having readjusted the beam.
We are now proceeding with the usual checks with beams, beamspot measurement and we will proceed with some commissioning activities with the pixel detector (bias scan, timing) etc…
We would like to deeply thank all the teams involved, from P5 to Tier0, and make a special thanks to the shift crew for their high professionalism and dedication (and the addictive chocolate provided in the control room).