IceCube Masterclasses 2023

IceCube Masterclass Copyright: © Lea Schlickmann

After a 5-year break, two IceCube Masterclasses took place again in April. Students could get an insight into the current research in astroparticle physics for one day.
During the masterclasses there were different lectures about particle and astroparticle physics as well as about the IceCube experiment. In the practical part, the students were able to build their own cloud chamber and reproduce an analysis on the discovery of astrophysical neutrinos.
During the international IceCube Masterclass in the Easter vacations, 8 students from the Aachen and Eupen region participated. They also had the opportunity to ask questions to the current Winterovers during a live broadcast to the South Pole. On this day, Lea Schlickmann and Oliver Janik, the speakers of both master classes, were supported by a colleague of the WWU Münster, David Borgelt, especially in the construction of the cloud chambers.
At the second event, two Q1 physics courses from the Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium in Aachen took part.
The goal of the Masterclasses is to introduce students to the fascinating world of astroparticle physics and current research with IceCube.