Excursion HZDR

HZDR Hochfeldmagnetlabor Copyright: © Oliver Pooth

From 3.10. - 6.10.2023 nine participants of the laboratory course particle physics took part in an excursion to the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HDRZ). After an introduction by the scientific director Prof. Sebastian Schmidt, the program included: the AMS accelerator (Prof. Anton Wallner, head of accelerator mass spectrometry and isotope research, the high field magnet laboratory (Prof. Joachim Wosnitza, director of the institute), ELBE - Center for High Power Radiation Sources (Dr. Andreas Wagner, Head of Department Nuclear Physics), DRESDYN - DREsden Sodium facility for DYNamo and thermohydraulic studies (Dr. Frank Stefani, Head of Geo- and Astrophysics) and the underground laboratory Felsenkeller (Prof. Daniel Bemmerer, Group Leader Nuclear Astrophysics). The evenings were used for sightseeing and visits to the Semper Opera. Thanks to the HZDR team for the great program!