New measurement of the cosmic muon neutrino flux

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On December 1st, 2016, the IceCube collaboration published the latest results based on the Aachen analysis of 6 years of data about the cosmic muon neutrino flux ( 3). A terrestrial origin of the highest-energy neutrinos can be excluded with a high significance of 5.6 standard deviations and the energy spectrum can be restricted with unprecedented accuracy. This is also the first, independent confirmation of the cosmic neutrino signal as measured by IceCube, (, whose discovery has been awarded in 2013 by the British journal Physics World as the Breakthrough of the Year 2013. A total of about 350,000 muon neutrinos, which were measured with IceCube between 2009 and 2015, are analyzed. As part of the analysis, the highest-energy neutrino ever measured has been observed with an energy of 8.7 PeV (ATel # 7856). In addition to the actual journal publication, the PhD theses of Leif Rädel and Sebastian Schoenen will soon be published with more detailed information.