Construction of AIS3 succesfully completed

AIS³ Team Copyright: © Carl Brunn

During the last weeks the hardware of the AIS3 project has been successfully completed by students and members of our institute.  Under the leadership of the artist Tim Otto Roth the project AIS3 has been designed as  a large installation reflecting IceCube and its data. The concept includes more than 400 loudspeakers with light diodes on 35 strings that allow visualizing IceCube data while people walk through it.We have successfully accomplished the construction of the loudspeaker balls including the LEDs. Martin Rongen has provided software to transform IceCube events in a data format that can be uploaded in the installation. After 3 weeks of preparatory work in the Tanzsaal it still took about two weeks of construction and fixing uncountable technical difficulties until we could enjoy walking through the first test setup of the full system.The exhibition will be inaugurated on August 28th in the Elisabeth Church in Berlin, and then, after a tour to several cities in Europe. The project will conclude in an exhibition in the Ludwig Forum in Aachen in September 2019.


Figure: The local Ais3 Team (left to right): Felix Wiebusch, Christopher Wiebusch, Tim Otto Roth, Miriam Seidler, Jan Audehm, Marc Klinger, Erik Ganster, Maximilian Staggenborg, Lasse Halve, Josina Schulte, Philipp Fürst, Marit Zöcklein, Martin Rongen.

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