Dismantling of the Double Chooz Experiment completed | Further funding by the DFG approved

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After the Double Chooz experiment finished taking data at the beginning of 2018, the Aachen group led by Philipp Soldin has now completed its contribution to the dismantling of the experiment. Most recently, in March, all PMTs of the near detector were removed together with colleagues from the MPI in Heidelberg. Also, all remaining electronic components of the near and far detector were brought back to Aachen. Since the dismantling of the far detector will be taken over by our French partners and the remaining work on the near detector will be done by other groups, our contribution has now been successfully accomplished. The photomultipliers will be used in the future SWGO Gamma Observatory, for the electronic components we are still looking for suitable applications. Almost at the same time, we received good news from the DFG in the form of a new funding decision. The analysis work for the final result of the theta-13 measurement will be funded with almost 100k€ until next year. Since 2019, the following people from the institute have been involved in the on-site dismantling: Anthony Achtermann, Ilja Bekman, Thilo Birkenfeld, Hannah Erpenbeck, Lasse Halve, Lars Heuermann, Joëlle Savelberg, Leif Sevenich, Philipp Soldin, Jochen Steinmann, Carsten Westhofen, Christopher Wiebusch