TRIPLE IceCraft Demonstration in Antarctica

Plane Copyright: © Dirk Heinen

On Jan. 24, 2023, the four-member operator team of the TRIPLE-IceCraft melting probe began its journey to Neumayer III Station in Antarctica. There, the final demonstration of the TRIPLE-IceCraft melting probe, which was developed together with GSI GmbH from Aachen, will be carried out at Neumayer Station. From the III Physical Institute B, researchers Dirk Heinen, Simon Zierke and Jan Audehm will participate in the field test. 
After a long flight from Frankfurt airport with several stopovers in Oslo, Prague, N'Djamena and Cape Town, the team finally reached the Norwegian Troll Station in Antarctica today, where they are waiting for the final transfer flight to Neumayer Station. All upcoming test activities can be followed on the Twitter account @TRIPLE-IceCraft.


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