RWTH rector visits CERN

Delegation in front of the CMS experiment Copyright: © Lutz Feld



Lutz Feld


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On 2.9.2019 Rector Prof. Dr. Rüdiger visited the European Center for Particle Physics CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The program included visits to the CMS experiment and the AMS control center, as well as research projects for new particle accelerator technologies. Prof. Rüdiger (3rd from right) was accompanied by Prof. Lutz Feld (right, current spokesperson of the BMBF's CMS research focus FSP-CMS), Prof. Stefan Schael (4th from left), both I. Physikalisches Institut B, Prof. Thomas Hebbeker (left), Prof. Alexander Schmidt (2nd from left), both III. Physikalisches Institut A, and Prof. Achim Stahl (4th from right), III. Physikalisches Institut B. Also on the picture in front of the CMS detector the speaker of the CMS experiment Roberto Carlin (2nd from right), Prof. Kerstin Borras (4th from left) and Florian Sonnemann (Head of CERN department for Finance and Administrative Processes).