BND Schule 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015, 11:00 am - Friday, September 11, 2015, 1:00 pm

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Belgian Dutch German graduate school in particle physics

The school is intended primarily for experimental high energy physicists preparing a PhD in particle physics, in particular during their first two years. The lectures cover both theoretical and experimental aspects of the field. The focus of the school alternates every year between electroweak standard model physics and strong interaction physics.

Registration and programme in INDICO

Schedule (21.8.2015)

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The fee for the school is 1000 Euro per participant. Registration and payment information via INDICO.

The school will take place in a very family friendly environment. If you have children and you will need child care during the lectures and tutorials, please mention it with your registration and get in contact with the us. We will try to find a solution.



The programme this year with the focus on electroweak standard model physics (see INDICO for detailled timetable):

Quantum field theory with tutorials (8 x 90 min.) Jean-Rene Cudell Universite de Liege
Electroweak theory with tutorials (6 x 90 min.) Michael Krämer RWTH Aachen
Electroweak physics : experiment (2 x 90 min.) Nicolo de Groot Radboud University Nijmegen
Tracking detectors (3 x 90 min.) Norbert Wermes Universität Bonn
Dark matter (3 x 90 min.) Michel Tytgat Universite Libre Bruxelles
Accelerators (5 x 90 min. + Excursion FZ Jülich/COSY) Mei Bai FZ Jülich / Universität Bonn
Statistical methods of data analysis (2 x 90 min.) Philip Bechtle Universität Bonn
Precision experiments (2 x 90 min.) Gerco Onderwater KVI Groningen
Future projects (1 x 90 min.) Frank Linde NIKEF
Top quark and 4th generation (2 x 90 min.) Freya Blekman Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Nuclear waste management (evening lecture) Bruno Thomauske RWTH Aachen
Visualization of relativity (evening lecture) Ute Kraus Universität Hildesheim
Programming FPGAs with hands-on tutorials (4 x 90 min.) Jochen Steinmann RWTH Aachen

Location and travelling

The 2015 BND School will take place in Landal Resort Eifeler Tor in Heimbach in the Eifel region, approximatey 40 km from Aachen. The resort is nicely located between the Rurstausee and the small village of Heimbach. All students and teachers will reside in houses (see picture gallery) with three floors, four double-bed rooms, two bathrooms (one with sauna), fully equipped kitchen and a living room on the center floor.

The two weeks are with full board, but kitchens and living rooms give a nice possibiliy for social events in the evenings.

On Landal Resort Eifeler Tor you will find the adress and travel information, if you want to go there directly.

On Monday, August 31st, the first day of the school we will organize a bus transfer from Düren main station to Landal Resort Eifeler Tor. In Friday, September 11th, a bus transfer to Düren main station is possible. Booking during the registration procedure in INDICO.

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