current courses

I offer the courses on „Experimentalphysik 1 – 3“ from our bachelor program and „Particle Physics 1 +2“ from ourinternational master program frequently. In addition I give from time to time specialized courses on current researchtopics.

Together with my colleague Stefen Roth, we published texst books related to our courses

„Experimentalphysik 1 – 3“:

S. Roth / A. Stahl „Experimentalphysik – anschaulich erklärt“, Springer
Band 1: Mechanik und Wärmelehre; ISBN 978-3-662-45303-2
Band 2: Elektrizität und Magnetismus; ISBN 978-3-662-54444-0
Band 3: Optik; ISBN 978-3-662-59336-3

We are preparing an online course on mechanics.


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