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Completed Theses

Dominik Steinberg Inharmonizitäten bei Saitenschwingungen Bachelor thesis
August 2019
Arndt Strohschein Untersuchung des Resonanzverhaltens von Blechblasinstrumenten mit COMSOL

Bachelor thesis
August 2019

Fabian Müller Polarimeter Development for Electric Dipole Moment Measurements in Storage Rings PhD thesis
July 2019
Johannes Nadenau Examination of RF Signal Processing for Cavity BPMs Master thesis
September 2018
Alexander Heinrich Optimisation of electric deflectors for a storage ring experiment Bachelor Thesis
October 2018
Nils Hempelmann Polarization Measurement and Manipulation for Electric Dipole Moment Measurements in Storage Rings

PhD thesis
February 2018

Dennis Eversmann High Precision Spin Tune Determination at the Cooler Synchrotron in Jülich PhD thesis
January 2018
Alexander Krampe Entwicklung eines Strahlprofilscanners für JEDI Bachelor thesis
January 2018
Fabian Trinkel Development of a Rogowsky Coil Beam Monitor for Electric Dipole Moment Measurements at Storage Rings PhD thesis
December 2017
Fabian Hinder Development of Beam Diagnostic Systems for Electric Dipole Measurements at Particle Accelerators PhD thesis
November 2017
Lukas Lobert Determination of Hodoscope Efficiencies during the Drell-Yan Run 2015 at the COMPASS Experiment Bachelor thesis
April 2017
Stas Chekmenev Investigation of Possibilities to Measure the Deuteron Electric Dipole Moment at Storage Rings

PhD thesis
June 2016

Tiziana von Witzleben Investigation of the Time Resolution of a Scintillator read out by a SiPM Bachelor thesis August 2016
Henrik Matschat Development of a trigger system based on FPGA logic Bachelor thesis July 2016
Marcel Rosenthal Experimental Benchmarking of Spin Tracking Algotithms for Electric Dipole Moment Searches at the Cooler Synchrotron COSY

PhD thesis

July 2016


Jonathan Kipp Acoustical Impendences: Calculations and Measurements on a Trumpet

Bachelor thesis
July 2015

Christian Dziwok Characterisation of a LYSO scintillation detector for the JEDI project, FZ Jülich Bachelor thesis
September 2015
Konstantin Wellens Berechnung und Konstruktion von Blechblasinstrumenten Bachelor thesis
October 2015
Nils Hempelmann Phase Space Reconstruction of a Particle Beam Master thesis
September 2014
Fabian Hinder Upgrade of the readout electronics for the EDDA-Polarimeter at the storage ring COSY Master thesis
October 2013
Fabian Trinkel MRT-gestützte Bildanalyse von chirugischen Implantaten mit eingebauten superparamagnetischen Eisenoxid-Nanopartikeln als Kontrastmittel
(mit Prof. Dr. M. Baumann)
Master thesis
September 2013
Veronika Flatten Design of a lab course experiment in accelerator physocs at COSY in Juelich Bachelor thesis
August 2013
Dennis Eversmann Analysis of the Spin Coherence Time at the Cooler Synchrotron COSY Master thesis
February 2013
Tobias Klerks Impuls- und Spintracking in elektromagnetischen Feldern Bachelor thesis
October 2012
Thomas Parlasca Physik der Blechblasinstrumente Bachelor thesis
September 2012
Martin Rongen Untersuchung eines Dipolmagneten zur Spinmanipulation im Rahmen des EDM-am-COSY-Projekts Bachelor thesis
August 2012
Moritz von Witzleben Digitalisierung und Weiterverarbeitung von Analogsignalen Bachelor thesis
August 2012

Completed Theses University Bonn

Oliver Freyermuth Development of a Dead Time Measurement System for the COMPASS Experiment using FPGA technology Master thesis
October 2012
John Bieling Entwicklung eines ungetackteten 64-Kanal-Meantimers und einer Koinzidenzschaltung auf einem FPGA Master thesis
November 2010
Oliver Freyermuth Aufbau eines TDC auf einem FPGA-Board
Bachelor thesis
July 2010