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Association for the Promotion of the III. Physical Institutes of RWTH Aachen e. V. - PIA III

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III. Physics Institute

With the appointment of Dr. Helmut Faissner as professor and chair holder at the RWTH on September 16, 1963, the III. Physics Institute was founded.

After the appointment of Dr. Martin Deutschmann on May 12, 1967 as further director of the III. Physics institute, the institute was administratively separated into two areas III A (Faissner) and III B (Deutschmann).

The guiding principle of the III Institute of Physics has always been the study of elementary particles and their interactions at the highest energies. In the past 60 years, many members of the Institute have been actively involved in a large number of international experiments at the world's largest accelerator facilities and observatories for cosmic particles. Their research contributions are in the areas of accelerators, detectors, COmputing, data analysis and theoretical calculations. Substantial contributions are made possible by the large institute workshops, the powerful computing infrastructure, and the strong support of research funds that are carefully managed and used.


Activities of the Association

The aim of the association is to support the institutes III. Physical Institute A and III. Physical Institute B in the fulfillment of the manifold tasks, among others in the areas of teaching, research and the communication of research results.

These include.

  • Promotion of highly qualified young scientists
  • Support for research and development work
  • Support for colloquia, symposia, travel, lectures and excursions
  • Support for the organization and realization of scientific and popular science events.

Furthermore, through the association we want to live and promote the contacts and the exchange of experiences between the institutes, their graduates, the members among themselves and with all interested social groups.