Friday Seminar Winter Term 23/24


The seminar talks begin at 2.30 pm
Venue: Lecture hall and/or ZOOM (for Bachelor and Master talks during the lecture-free time, see announcement)

Date Speaker Topic
13.10.23 Paolina Noll (Master talk) Measurement of the first Townsend coefficient with a cylindrical proportional counter utilizing UV light
20.10.23 Alexander Fenger (Master talk) Deep Learning for event identification for the SiFi-CC Compton camera in proton therapy
27.10.23 Ines Hannen (Master talk) Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Highly Potent Greenhouse Gases in Time Projection Chambers
  Niklas Herrmann (Mater talk, approx. 15:15) Test der Thick-GEM-Auslese einer auf organischer Flüssigkeit basierenden TPC für antineutrinobasierte Kernmaterialüberwachung
3.11.23 Max Beckers (Master talk) Data base and web applications for the production of the CMS silicon strip detectors modules
  Silvia Latseva (Master talk, approx. 15:15) Background Rejection for the Search for Sub-Relativistic Magnetic Monopoles in IceCube
  Fabian Unruh (Master talk, approx. 16:00) Applying neural networks in nuclear archaeology with spent nuclear fuel
10.11.23   RWTH Wissenschaftsnacht


Oliver Gries (Master talk) Verification testing and geometry calibration with the Acoustic Module for the IceCube Upgrade
  Charlotte Benning (Master talk) Verification testing and geometry calibration with the Acoustic Module for the IceCube Upgrade
24.11.23   KET Jahrestreffen


8.12.23 Lea Schlickmann (Master talk) Commissioning and Testing of IceAct Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes for IceCube
  Stefanie Girod (Bachelor talk, approx. 15:15) Implementation von Fault-Detection, Isolation and Recovery (FDIR) für die Spannungsversorgung der TRIPLE-IceCraft Schmelzsonde
  Denis Gritsenko (Master talk, 16:00)  FACT (tbd)


Philipp Otto (Master talk) Classification of Gravitational Wave Signals for the Einstein Telescope with Deep Learning
  Akash Parmar (Master talk, approx. 15:15) Study of Mass Composition of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays with AugerPrime using Machine Learning
12.1.24 Thorsten Glüsenkamp (Uppsala) Normalizing flows
26.1.24 Tag der Physik  
2.2.24 (3 pm only!) Glen Kiely (Master talk, 15:00) Investigation of scintillation properties of Stilben crystals