Posters on the institute history

Former Heads of the Institute

50th Birthday 2013

A visit to CERN in late 1982



Chronicle title page © R. Honecker

Dr. Raimund Honecker, retired Academic Director, has witnessed the history of the Institute from its beginnings, since the year 1955 as a graduate student until his retirement in 1997 as Academic Director. This transcript (in German) was written in the years 2010-2013 to a considerable extent from personal memory.


Posters on the institute history

Poster - The early years © Dieter Rein

Dr. Dieter Rein has summarized the institut's history in form of six posters. You can download them here (in German). 

Die frühen Jahre

Neutrale Ströme I

Neutrale Ströme II


W und Z

Quarks und Gluonen


Former Heads of Institute

Prof. Dr. Martin Deutschmann (May 1967 - January 1984)
Prof. Dr. Günter Flügge (November 1986 - December 2004)


50th Birthday September 16th, 2013

50. Birthday © Oliver Pooth left to right: Prof. S. Bethke, Prof. C. Wiebusch, R. Yogeshwar, Prof. S. Schael (above), Prof. A. Stahl, Dr. D. Rein.

On 16/09/2013 the III. Institute of Physics celebrated his 50th birthday. On this occasion, more than 150 current employees and alumni came together, among them Ranga Yogeshwar, for a colloquium in the physics lecture hall. 

Festschrift (in German)

  Ranga Yogeshwar chatting with a student © Oliver Pooth Simon Weingarten (left), Ranga Yogeshwar (right)

A visit to CERN in late 1982

Carlo Rubbia, left, and Simon van der Meer were awarded the 1984 Nobel prize © CERN Carlo Rubbia, left, and Simon van der Meer were awarded the 1984 Nobel prize

The scent of discovery: a visit to CERN in late 1982. 

Lalit Sehgal experienced an increased curiosity in electroweak physics at CERN in the weeks leading up to the discovery of the W and Z bosons.

CERN Courier (April 2013)