Freitagsseminar WS 20/21


Beginn der Vorträge ist jeweils 14:30
Ort: ZOOM (bei Abschluss-Vorträgen in der VL-freien Zeit, siehe Ankündiung)

Datum Sprecher Thema
30.10.20 Awal Awal (Master talk) 14:00 Event Identification for the SiFi Compton Camera via Machine Learning
Lutz Deriks (Master talk) approx. 14:30 Development of a camera system as payload demonstrator for the TRIPLE-IceCraft
6.11.20 Zahra Chitgar Laser-driven particle acceleration and X-ray Radiation
13.11.20 Marco Scheiter (Bachelor talk) Messungen der relativen Photodetektionseffizienz von Photomultipliern für das IceCube Upgrade Projekt


Sandra Zavaterelli (Genova, Italy) Nuclear astrophysics at Gran Sasso: the LUNA-MV project
27.11.20 Markus Bachlechner (Master talk) Vertex Reconstruction for Neutrino Events in the Double Chooz Experiment using Graph Neural Networks
Sebastian Siebert (Master talk) approx. 15.15 h Search for a heavy Higgs boson decaying to a pair of W bosons in the semileptonic final state with the CMS detector


11.12.20 Lisa Novak (Bachelor talk) Calibrating the gain of the HAWC's Eye telescopes
Andreas Nöll (Bachelor talk) approx. 15:00 Test of the Mini-Mainboard for the Acoustic Module of the IceCube Upgrade
15.1.21 Florian Rehbein (Master talk) Resolution of the HAWC's Eye telescopes in a hybrid setup with the HAWC gamma-ray observatory
Giang Do (Master talk, approx. 15:15) Analysis of Extensive Air Showers with the HAWC's Eye Telescopes at the HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory
22.1.21 Florian Rehm, Gentner Fellow (CERN, RWTH) Deep Generative Adversarial Networks for Faster High Energy Physics Calorimeter Simulations
29.1.21 Tag der Physik
5.2.21 Sven Krauße (Bachelor talk) A search for lepton flavour violations in Z boson decays at the CMS