Freitagsseminar WS 16/17


Beginn der Vorträge ist jeweils 14:00
Ort: Physik-Hörsaal (bei Abschluss-Vorträgen in der VL-freien Zeit im Modulbau1 Raum 026)

Datum Sprecher Thema
21.10.16 Philipp Kampmann (Mastertalk) Comparison of Gadolinium and Hydrogen data for the measurement of the neutrino mixing angle \theta_{13} with the Double-Chooz Experiment
28.10.16 Dima Eliseev Prozessor und FPGA auf einem Chip: SoC (Vortrag auf Deutsch, talk in German)
11.11.16 RWTH Wissenschaftsnacht
25.11.16 Florian Scheuch and Andreas Künsken Triggering on muons with CMS
2.12.16 Julian Kemp SiPMs for AugerPrime
16.12.16 Thomas Bussek (Bachelortalk, tbc) Application of a new image correction method for the First G-APD Cherenkov telescope


Lukas Koch Neutrino cross-section measurement on gaseous argon at T2K
20.1.17 Tag der Physik
27.1.17 Stefan Schmitz (ehemals 3A) IT Consulting for R&D Business Units at Bayer
ca. 15.00 Robert Joppe (Bachelortalk) Preparation and first application of a digital SiPM (Talk will be given in German)
3.2.17 Christian Haack Search for a diffuse neutrino flux from the Galactic Plane with IceCube
10.2.17 Thomas Esch Search for Wh resonances in events with one lepton, two taus and missing transverse energy


Max Mahlke Spectral analysis of unevenly sampled data of the FACT telescope
24.2.17 Marcel Rieger Luigi, Pipelining, GPU-Computing und Deep-Learning bei CMS