Friday Seminar Winter Term 20/21


The seminar talks begin at 2.30 pm
Venue: ZOOM (for Bachelor and Master talks during the lecture-free time, see announcement)

Date Speaker Topic
22.10.21 Lilly Peters (Master talk) Constraining generalized Dark Matter-Nucleon Interactions based on Dark Matter Capture in the Sun with IceCube
Georg Schwefer (Approx. 15:15) Sensitivity Studies and Model Improvements Towards Discovering High-Energy Neutrinos from the Galaxy
29.10.21 Abusaif Falastine (PhD defense, 2.00 pm!) Development of compact, highly sensitive beam position monitors for storage rings (separate invitation and Zoom link by email)

12.11.21 (11:00 am!!!)

Maria Schuld (University of KwaZulu-Natal) Prospects of machine learning with quantum computers (Zoom link: tba)
12.11.21 Lars Heuermann (Master defense) Search for sterile neutrinos with Double Chooz
26.11.21 KET Jahrestreffen


10.12.21 Vivek Pimpalshende (Master defense) Commissioning the Optical Sensor and Electromagnetic actuator (OSEM) for the Einstein Telescope
17.12.21 David Smyczek (Master defense) Commissioning and Test of a Gas Monitor Chamber Electronics for the Near Detector of the T2K-II experiment
28.1.22 Tag der Physik
4.2.22 Jannik Truong (Bachelor talk) Inharmonicity of piano strings