Friday Seminar Summer Term 2022


The seminar talks begin at 2.30 pm
Venue: 28D 001 or ZOOM depending on the Corona situation (for Bachelor and Master talks during the lecture-free time, see announcement)

Date Speaker Topic
15.4.22 Easter
22.4.22 Wolfgang Feldhäuser Schulung | Umgang mit elektrischen Geräten im Labor


Christian Dziwok

Test systems for CMS Phase-2 Outer Tracker Upgrade modules
13.5.22 Stefan Gundacker (PMI) Time resolution limits of modern SiPMs and scintillators in TOF-PET and HEP


27.5.22 Bridging day
3.6.22 Absolvententag Physik


Excursion week
17.6.22 Bridging day
24.6.22 Ralf Schleichert Einstein Telecope: Better Vacuum for lower price?
1.7.22 Christian Wysotzki Intelligent PMTs for OSIRIS


Ronja Hetzel Recent developments in the SiFi-CC project
12.8.22 Fabian Schmiech (Bachelortalk) A review on Europa and its ability to host extraterrestrial life
Shreyans Sakhare (Mastertalk, approx. 15:00) Numerical Simulations for the Sonar System of the TRIPLE Forefield Reconnaissance System
26.8.22 Stefan Kaiser (Bachelortalk) Testexperimente zur Manövrierbarkeit der TRIPLE-IceCraft Schmelzsonde
Achim Stahl Verein zur Förderung der III. Physikalischen Institute der RWTH Aachen e. V.
9.9.22 Paul Zimmer (Bachelortalk) Test der Empfangselektronik für das akustische Kalibrationssystem für das IceCube Upgrade
16.9.22 Erik Ehlert (Bachelortalk) Technical realisation of an SiPM-based muon detector
23.9.22 Marie Grebe (Bachelortalk, 14:00) Investigation of the separation power of JUNO for different supernova-models
Aenne Abel (approx. 14:30) Simulations of neutron detectors (Mastermidterm-Talk)
7.10.22 Ziyan Cao (Bachelortalk) Development of neural network for the identification of pulses of photomultiplier
Yiting Jia (Bachleortalk, approx. 15.00) Rekonstruktion von Photoelektronsignalen in der Firmware der Ausleseeinheit (FPGA)
Jan Lehnhoff (Bachelortalk, approx. 15.30) Study on New Architectural Approaches to Deep Learning
14.10.22 Philipp Behrens (Bachelortalk) Studies of Correlated Noise Events in the PMT Testing Facility for the mDOMs of the IceCube Upgrade
21.10.22 Katharina Winkler (Bachelortalk) tba
Waiting list
Thomas Radermacher Liquid Organic Time Projection Chambers for Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Detecting Low Energy Antineutrinos as Safeguards Application