Friday Seminar Winter Term 22/23


The seminar talks begin at 2.30 pm
Venue: Lecture hall and/or ZOOM (for Bachelor and Master talks during the lecture-free time, see announcement)

Date Speaker Topic
14.10.22 Dominique Malik (Bachelortalk) Untersuchungen zur Sonarortung mit dem SRM400 und Test des Messprinzips mit einem Tonpilz-Transducer für das TRIPLE-FRS Projekt
  Philipp Behrens (Bachelortalk), approx. 15.00 Studies of Correlated Noise Events in the PMT Testing Facility for the mDOMs of the IceCube Upgrade
28.10.22 Katja Ermert Estimating the DPRK's Plutonium Production Using the Graphite Isotope Ratio Method: an In-Depth Full Core Implementation
4.11.22 Jonas Hellrung (Mastertalk) On the Measurement of High-Energy Muon Neutrinos from the Galactic Plane with the IceCube Observatory
11.11.22   RWTH Wissenschaftsnacht


  KET Jahrestreffen
25.11.22 Thomas Radermacher Liquid Organic Time Projection Chambers for Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Detecting Low Energy Antineutrinos as Safeguards Application
  Ana Andrade (approx. 15:15)

Machine Learning in Model Unspecific Searches at CMS

2.12.22 Yaroslav Nikitenko, Adam Rifaie Exoplanets. Discovery of GJ 486 b. NameExoWorlds 2022
9.12.22 Sara Müller (Mastertalk, 14.00) Use of PET Readout Electronics for a Scintillating Fibre Based Compton Camera


Max Schalz Reconstructing Nuclear Fuel Cycle Operations with Nuclear Archaeology
  David Bertram (Master talk, approx. 15.15) Deep Learning for Gravity-Gradient Noise Mitigation at the Einstein Telescope
13.1.23 Paulo Ferreira (PhD defense, 3 pm in MBP2 015) Search for ultrahigh energy photons with the Auger prime Upgrade
20.1.23 Christian Wysotzki (PhD defense, MBP2 117) Development and production of an intelligent PMT readout system for OSIRIS
27.1.23   Tag der Physik
3.2.23 Erik Büchau (Bachelor talk) Untersuchung der wellenlängenabhängigen Photodetektionseffizienz der Photomultiplier des mDOMs des IceCube Upgrades
  Dominik Wirtz (Bachelor talk) Untersuchung zum Ladeverhalten der Kondensatorbänke des Akustik-Moduls für das IceCube Upgrade
10.2.23 Oliver Wen (Master talk) Position measuremnet of an Yb+ Ion trapped in a parabolic mirror using a Shack-Hartmann-Sensor
  Loo Chun Khai (Bachelor talk) Investigation of an algortithm to tune a piano
17.2.23 Leon Hamacher (Bachelor talk) Rekonstruktion von Luftschauerbildern mit Hexagonal Convolutional Neural Networks für IceAct
24.2.23 Artur Selenski (Bachelor talk) Vergleich unterschiedlicher Szintillatormaterialen für die Tomographie mit schnellen Neutronen