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PhD Theses

Olena Hlushchenko (2022) A search for heavy neutral Higgs bosons decaying into τ+τ- with the CMS experiment, as predicted in minimal supersymmetric standard model of particle physics

Claudia Pistone (2021) Study of the Higgs-boson CP properties in the ττ decay channel with the CMS experiment

Alexander Nehrkorn (2017) Searches for the standard model Higgs boson decaying into a pair of tau leptons with the CMS Experiment

Bastian Kargoll (2016) Analysis of Higgs bosons utilizing hadronic tau decays at the CMS experiment

Vladimir Cherepanov (2016) Measurement of the polarization of τ-leptons produced in Z0 decays at CMS and determination of the effective weak mixing angle sin2θeff

Felix Höhle (2015) Measurement of spin correlation in dileptonic top quark pair decays with the CMS experiment

Yvonne Küssel (2013) Constraints on the top quark’s charge with the CMS experiment

Wael Haj Ahmad (2013) Search for top quark pair resonances with the CMS detector at the LHC​

Martina Davids (2011) Investigation of Spin Correlations in Top Pair Production with the CMS Detector at the LHC

Philip Sauerland (2011) Kinematic reconstruction of tau leptons and test for lepton universality in charged weak interactions with the CMS experiment

Lars Perchalla (2011) Kinematic tau reconstruction and search for the Higgs boson in hadronic tau pair decays with the CMS experiment

Manuel Giffels (2009) Study of the sensitivity of CMS to the lepton flavour violating neutrinoless τ decay τ->µµµ

Hermanns, Thomas (2008) Studies at the CMS Experiment on Silicon Microstrip Module Defects and on Photon Identification in Semileptonic ttbar-Events

Kasselmann, Stefan (2007) Top Quark Mass Measurement in the Lepton+Jets Channel using Full Simulation of the CMS Detector


Master Theses

Sebastian Siebert (2020) Search for a heavy Higgs boson decaying to a pair of W bosons in the semileptonic final state with the CMS detector

Lucas Wiens (2020) Event Reconstruction for the Higgs CP Analysis at CMS

Jordy Degens (2019) Search for CP violating Higgs boson Yukawa couplings in data of the CMS Experiment from 2017

David Brunner (2018) Lepton flavour violation in Z boson decays

Peter Fackeldey (2018) A deep learning based search for a heavy CP-even Higgs boson in dileptonic H → WW decays with the CMS experiment

Dominik Wolfschäger (2018) Search for CP violation in fermionic couplings of the Higgs boson generated by gluon-gluon fusion with the CMS Detector

Tom Croote (2017) Search For Charged Lepton Flavour Violation in Z Boson Decays at CMS

Heiner Tholen (2012) Study of the tt_bar + Photon Inclusive Cross Section with the CMS Experiment

Alexander Nehrkorn (2013) A Search for Lepton Flavor Violation in Z decays with the CMS Experiment


Bachelor Theses

Sven Krauße (2021) A deep learning approach to search for charged lepton flavour violation in Z → μτ decays at CMS

Hubertus Borsch (2019) Application of machine learning techniques for the mass reconstruction of a di-tau system

Christian Dappen (2018) Lepton Flavour Violation in Z Boson Decays at CMS

Jann Aschersleben (2018) Study of Matrix Element Methods for the Higgs Boson CP Measurement in CMS

Cristian Ramon (2017) Comparison of algorithms to reconstruct the kinematics of tau leptons in CMS

Lucas Wiens (2017) Analysis of the CP Quantum Number of the Higgs Boson

Kai Vannahme (2017) Extracting the weak mixing angle from the polarisation of the τ lepton at CMS

Jordy Degens (2017) Measurement of the CP Properties in the Higgs Boson Production at the CMS Experiment

Peter Fackeldey (2016) Measurement of CP-Mixing in Higgs to Tau Tau decays

Till Arndt (2012) Data-driven Background Estimation for Top-pair Searches with the CMS Detector

Florian Lenz (2012) Datengetriebene Abschätzung von Untergrundprozessen bei Top-Paar-Ereignissen mit dem CMS-Detektor

Michael Schimp (2013) Perspectives on measuring the tau lifetime at CMS

Christian Wichary (2012) Datengetriebene Validierung der Photon-Identifikation bei der Untersuchung des Top-Photon-Vertex im CMS Experiment

Thomas Steeger (2012) Data-Driven Validation of the Photon Identification for Top Photon Vertex Investigations with the CMS Experiment


Diploma Theses

Bastian Kargoll (2010) Untersuchung von Top-Quark-Paaren mit dileptonischer Zerfallssignatur am CMS-Experiment

Andreas Herten (2010) Bestimmung der Masse des Top-Quarks anhand der Zerfallslängen von B-Hadronen im CMS-Experiment

Andreas Tigges (2007) Untersuchung der Helizität von W-Bosonen aus Zerfällen von top-Quarks mit dem CMS-Detektor am Large Hadron Collider

Philip Sauerland (2007) Untersuchung von leptonzahlverletzenden Prozessen in Z0-Ereignissen beim CMS-Experiment

Lars Perchalla (2007) Leptonzahlverletzung mit τ -Leptonen beim CMS-Experiment

Martina Davids (2006) Untersuchung hadronischer tt-Zerfälle mit dem CMS-Detektor am LHC

Daiske Tornier (2005) Untersuchung dileptonischer tt-Zerfälle bei CMS