Possible theses


Would you like to participate in a future large-scale research project? Are you interested in the development of novel sensors and actuators? Do you find it fascinating to work on a project that performs research at the highest level in this region?
Then the ET Group is the right place for you. Since the beginning of this year, we are a new working group at the III Physics Institutes A & B and offer a good entry into
scientific working methods. Become part of our ET group and bring your ideas to our project.
Besides theses with hardware-related topics we also offer various topics in the field of analysis. If you have any questions, just contact us directly. We will find exactly the right topic for you. Due to our close cooperation with other institutes and universities, such as the University of Maastrichtt and the Fraunhofer ILT, we can also offer cross-disciplinary topics.

Topics for Bachelor theses:

  • Vacuum measurement in a UHV cryostat at 10 Kelvin
  • Measurement of noise characteristics of various components for position sensors
  • Determination of the directional sensitivity of gravitational wave detectors
  • Construction of a high-power laser in cooperation with Frauenhofer ILT
  • Vibration measurements in the laboratory in cooperation with the geological institute of the RWTH

Topics for Master theses:

  • Integration of superconducting coils for low temperature applications
  • In data analysis we want to participate in the alert system for multi-messenger triggers. We are seeking master candidates to develop a framework for the identification of inspiralling binary systems from the ET data stream. We want to focus on AI methods, particularly deep learning. Identification will be the pioneering step. We want to extent later to sky localization and parameter reconstruction for the selection of the most interesting events for multi-messenger observation.
  • The lasers of the Einstein-Telescope will travel in ultrahigh vacuum tubes. 120 km of tubes of 1 m diameter will be needed. We are looking for a candidate to participate in the development of new vacuum technologies (composite tubes, integration of pressure sensors into the tubes, electrical baking, …) to improve the vacuum and to reduce the cost of the system.