Master Theses



Christopher Wiebusch



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Completed/Ongoing Diploma and Master Theses in IceCube


Markus Holtmanns
Commissioning of an IACT in the lab course air shower experiment

Pierre Dierichs
Commissioning and Testing of Acoustic Modules

Peter John Cusack Coleman
Search for magnetic monopoles

Jonas Häußler
Measurements of the orientation of IceAct telescopes

Lukas Brusa
Analyse of IceAct Data

Johanna Hermannsgabner
New Selection Algorithms for the Northern Tracks Sample

Michael Handt
New Selection Algorithms for the Northern Tracks Sample

Joëlle Savelberg
Commissioning of the Acoustic Module

Silvia Latseva
Background Rejection for the Search for Sub-Relativistic Magnetic Monopoles in IceCube
November 2023

Lea Schlickmann
Commissioning and Testing of IceAct Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes for IceCube
November 2023

Oliver Gries
On the geometry calibration with Acoustic Modules for the IceCube Upgrade
November 2023

Oliver Janik
Adversarial Attacks in IceCube Neural Networks

Tara Haji Azim
Investigation of Correlated Noise-Events during Acceptance Testing of the mDOM PMTs for the IceCube Upgrade
November 2023

Adam Rifaie
Time synchronization of the Acoustic Modules for the IceCube Upgrade
October 2023

Matthias Thiesmeyer
Application of an Evolutionary Algorithm for the Binning Optimization of the Likelihood Analysis of Astrophysical Muon Neutrinos with IceCube
October 2023

Charlotte Benning
Verification Testing of the Acoustic Module for the IceCube Upgrade
October 2023

Sharif El Mentawi
Exploring the joint detection of neutrinos and gravitational waves from short gamma-ray bursts with IceCube-Gen2 and the Einstein Telescope
October 2023

Shuyang Deng
Twelve Years Observation of Seasonal Variations of the Atmospheric Neutrino Flux with IceCube
October 2023

Annika Wolf
Simulation studies of the sensitivity of IceCube for slow magnetic monopoles
September 2023

Andreas Robert Nöll
Construction, Characterization, and Optimization of IceAct Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes
April 2023

Frank Maslowski
Optimizing angular resolution for an array of HAWC's Eye Telescopes in a hybrid setup with the HAWC Observatory
January 2023

Mark Meyers
Feature extraction and image analysis for the IACTs HAWC's Eye and IceAct
​January 2023


Jonas Hellrung
On the Measurement of High Energy Muon Neutrinos from the Galactic Plane with the Ice-Cube Observatory
November 2022

Georg Schwefer
Model Improvements and Sensitivity Study towards detecting High-Energy Neutrinos from the Galaxy
April 2022

Christian Moritz Dappen
Search for Sub-relativistic Magnetic Monopoles in IceCube
January 2022


Lilly Peters
Constraining generalized Dark Matter-Nucleon Interactions based on Dark Matter Capture in the Sun with IceCube
October 2021

Hannah Erpenbeck
Seasonal Variations of the Atmospheric Neutrino Flux Measured by IceCube
September 2021

Philipp Fürst
Improving the sensitivity of the astrophysical neutrino flux measurement in IceCube: Energy estimation and uncertainties
March 2021

Franziska Maria Tischbein
Investigation of the Performance and Data Quality of the IceAct Telescopes
February 2021


Yuriy Popovych
Development of testing procedures for the optical and electronic components of the IceAct Air Cherenkov Telescopes
November 2020

Simon Hauser
Measurement of Seasonal Variations of the Atmospheric Neutrino Flux with IceCube using an Unbinned Likelihood
October 2020

Sukeerthi Dharani
Search for Sub-Relativistic Magnetic Monopoles in Icecube
October 2020

Maximilan Karl Scharf
On the Performance of an Acoustic Geometry Calibration System for the IceCube Upgrade
September 2020

Development and testing of a demonstrator for an Acustic Module for the IceCube Upgrade
February 2020


Saskia Philippen
Observations of the Moon Shadow in Cosmic-Ray-induced Muons with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
December 2019

Johannes Buscher
Developement of a Setup for Quality Tests of PMMA Winston Cones for the IceAct Telescope
November 2019

Timo Stürwald
Signatures of sub-relativistic Magnetic Monopoles in IceCube
October 2019

Pratush Mallik
Search for astrophysical counterparts in the direction of high energy cosmic neutrinos observed by IceCube
October 2019

Frederic Jonske
Kalibration der IceCube-Detektorgeometrie über Trilateration optischer Laufzeiten und Markov-Chain Monte Carlo
Oktober 2019

Patrick Heix
Study of Seasonal Variations of the Atmospheric Neutrino-Flux with MCEq
October 2019

Philipp Muth
On searches for directional correlations between Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays and high energy neutrinos
October 2019

Robert Joppe
Design and Commissioning of a calibration facility for photomultipliers of the mDOM of the IceCube Upgrade
October 2019

Jakob Böttcher
Background Estimation for Sub-Relativistic Particles in IceCube
September 2019

Maurice Günder
Simulation of the Optics of the Imaging Air-Cherenkov Telescopes IceAct with Geant4
April 2019

Roxanne Turcotte
Development of an Acoustic Receiver for the future mDOM of the IceCube Upgrade
March 2019


Pascal Backes
On the measurement of the composition of cosmic rays with the Air Cherenkov Telescope IceAct and IceTop
November 2018

Erik Ganster
Observation of cosmic ray air-showers with the IceAct demonstrator in coincidence with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
September 2018

Lasse Halve
Measurement of the Atmospheric Neutrino to Antineutrino Ratio above 100GeV with IceCube
September 2018


Merlin Schaufel
Implementing Hybrid Detection by Combining a Compact Air-Cherenkov Telescope with the HAWC Gamma-Ray Observatory
October 2017
(primary supervisor: Thomas Bretz, thesis done outside of Aachen IceCube group)

Tobias Sälzer
Analyse koinzidenter Luftschauer gemessen mit IceCube, IceTop und IceAct während des südlichen Winters 2016
September 2017

Piotr Kalaczyński
Search for Directional Correlations of High-Energy Muon Neutrinos in IceCube and Radio Sources in the NRAO VLA Sky Survey
September 2017

Jan Paul Koschinsky
Developement of a 61-Pixel Camera for the IceAct Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescope
September 2017

Martin Brenzke
Developement and Optimization of Deep Neural Networks for the Energy Reconstruction of Muon Events in IceCube
September 2017

Aatif Waza
Simulations towards Cosmic Ray composition measurements with IceTop and IceAct
May 2017

Eric Per Vogel
Noboloid - An Improved Likelihood Estimation for Angular Uncertainties of Muon Tracks in IceCube
March 2017

Jöran Benjamin Stettner
Search for Signatures of Heavy Decaying Dark Matter in IceCube
March 2017

Theo Glauch
Search for Weak Neutrino Point Sources in Six Years of IceCube Data Using an Angular Correlation Analysis
March 2017


Tim Hansmann
Studien zur Vetoeffizienz von Oberflächendetektoren für das IceCube-Gen2 Neutrino Observatorium
July 2016

Ömer Penek
Calculation of Cherenkov Light Yield for High-Energy Particle Cascades
May 2016

Lisa Schumacher
Search for Weak Cosmic Neutrino Sources with an Energy Dependent Angular Correlation Analysis in IceCube Data
April 2016

Stefan Wickmann
Untersuchungen zur akustischen Positionskalibration für den zukünftigen IceCube-Gen2-Detektor
April 2016

Bengt Hansmann
Simulations-Studie des Luft-Tscherenkow-Teleskops, IceAct, für eine IceCube Oberflächenerweiterung
January 2016

Jakob Leuner
... derzeit nicht verfügbar / currently not available.


Martin Stahlberg
Evaluation of the Astrophysical Origin of a Vertical High Energy Neutrino Event
September 2015

Michael Schimp
Astrophysical interpretation of the angular correlations of muon neutrinos measured with IceCube
September 2015

Julian Kemp
Commissioning of an IceTop tank for a surface extension of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
September 2015

Martin Glagla
Verbesserung der Sensitivität der IceCube Multipolanalyse für die Suche nach dunkler Materie im galaktischen Halo
October 2015

David Gier
Suche nach transienten Neutrinoblitzen mit IceCube-DeepCore mit einem Likelihoodverfahren
July 2015


Martin Rongen
Measurement of laser-induced thermoacoustic signals in ice for the detection of high-energy neutrinos
October 2014

Christian Haack
Design studies for a high-energy extension of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
September 2014

Christian Wichary
Zur Identifikation von kaskadenartigen Untergrund für die Messung von Oszillationen atmosphärischer Neutrinos mit IceCube
September 2014

Denise Hellwig
Untersuchung der Produktionsraten von Mesonen mit Strangeness über die zeitliche Variation des mit IceCube gemessenen Neutrinoflusses
September 2014

Jennifer Ingrid Pütz
Selektion eines hochreinen Myon-Neutrino-Datensatzes für die Suche kosmischer Neutrinoquellen mit IceCube
September 2014

Ania Koob
On the estimation of neutrino oscillation parameters with global fits of the IceCube atmospheric neutrino data
September 2014

Anna Kriesten
Analyse des Untergrundes atmosphärischer Myonen für die Neutrinooszillationsmessung mit IceCube
July 2014

Pavel Gretskov
Effective Field Theory Interpretation of IceCube Searches for Dark Matter Annihilation in the Sun
April 2014


Patrick Hallen
On the Measurement of High-Energy Tau Neutrinos with IceCube
November 2013

Kai Jagielski
Messung der jahreszeitlichen Variation der atmosphärischen Neutrinorate mit IceCube
September 2013

Kai Krings
Studies on the Measurement of Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations with the PINGU Detector
September 2013

Martin Leuermann
Search for Diffuse Neutrino Point Sources Using a Multipole Analysis in IceCube
September 2013

Stefan Coenders
Capability of Earth Tomography Using Oscillations of Atmospheric Neutrinos with PINGU
September 2013

René Reimann
Suche nach Neutrinos aus der Annihilation dunkler Materie im Galaktischen Halo mit IceCube
September 2013

Simon Zierke
Verbesserung von Rekonstruktions- und Datenselektions-Methoden für die Messung subrelativistischer magnetischer Monopole mit IceCube
March 2013


Michael Soiron
Untersuchungen zur Verbesserung der Myonspur-Rekonstruktion in IceCube
Oktober 2012

Lars Schönherr
Zur Suche nach hochenergetischen Neutrinos aus Richtung des Galaktischen Zentrums mit IceCube
September 2012

Sebastian Schoenen
Suche nach subrelativistischen, magnetischen Monopolen mit IceCube
September 2012

Leif Rädel
Simulation Studies of the Cherenkov Light Yield from Relativistic Particles in High-Energy Neutrino Telescopes with Geant4
September 2012

Philipp Heimann
Bau und Tests von Prototypantennen für den Radionachweis von Luftschauern im IceCube Radio Air Shower Test Array
September 2011

Anne Zilles
Untersuchungen von Modellen zur Berechnung des hochenergetischen atmosphärischen Neutrinoflusses in IceCube
September 2011


David Altmann
Beyond IceCube: Designstudien für zukünftige Erweiterungen des IceCube Neutrinoteleskops
October 2011

Dirk Heinen
Labormessungen von Laser-induzierten thermoakustischen Signalen im Lichte des akustischen Neutrino-Nachweises
August 2011

Markus Vehring
Design Studies on the Detection of Air Showers with the Radio Air Shower Test Array (RASTA) at the South Pole
May 2011

Hakan Kayan
Berechnung der Produktion von Čerenkov-Photonen im Eis für geladene Teilchen in Geant4
May 2011

Jan Blumenthal
Measurements of the Shadowing of Cosmic Rays by the Moon with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
January 2011


Thorsten Glüsenkamp
On the Detection of Subrelativistic Magnetic Monopoles with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
October 2010

Matthias Geisler
On the Measurement of Atmospheric Muon-Neutrino Oscillations with IceCube-DeepCore
June 2010

Larissa Paul
Characterization and calibration of acoustic devices for the South Pole Acoustic Test Setup
June 2010

Thomas Meures
Reciprocity Calibration of Hydrophones in the Aachen Acoustic Laboratory
May 2010

Thomas Krings
Search for High Energetic Neutrinos from the Extended Afterglows of Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Cannonball Model with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
March 2010

Marius Wallraff
Design, Implementation and Test of a New Feature Extractor for the IceCube Neutrino Observatory
March 2010


Sascha Knops
Online Selection of Downgoing Starting Low Energy Neutrino Events in IceCube
August 2009

Dirk Lennarz
Search for High Energetic Neutrinos from Supernova Explosions with the AMANDA Neutrino Telescope
April 2009

Anne Schukraft
Multipole analysis of the AMANDA-II neutrino skymap
March 2009


Sebastian Euler
On the Detection of Low Energy Neutrino Events with Full-Sky Acceptance with the IceCube DeepCore Detector
June 2008


Christian Vogt
Aufbau eines Messplatzes zum Test akustischer Sensoren für den Nachweis ultra-hochenergetischer Neutrinowechselwirkungen
October 2007


Jan-Patrick Hülß
Search for Signatures of Extra-Terrestrial Neutrinos with a Multipole Analysis of the AMANDA-II Sky Map
June 2006