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Stefan Roth



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  • Would you like to work in the field of neutrino physics, an exciting part of modern particle physics?
  • Are you interested in the detector development, especially of gaseous particle detectors?
  • Are you fascinated by the opportunity doing research as part of an international collaboration of institutes worldwide with the experiment located in Japan?

Then the T2K experiment would be an ideal place to perform your final thesis. Further informations on the goals and the setup of the T2K experiment can be found here, informations about the T2K group at the RWTH there . The near detector is currently upgraded, the beam power of the accelerator will soon be increased, and in a few years Hyper-Kamiokande will start operation as far detector.

New Time Projection Chambers (TPCs) will be installed to upgrade the T2K near detector to measure neutrino scattering at larger angles. You can take part in the installation, commissioning and testing of these new TPCs! From Aachen we will contribute monitor chambers as part of the TPC system. In this project Bachelor's and Master's theses can be carried out. The construction of the monitor chambers will take place in our laboratory in Aachen, the commissioning of the TPC system at CERN and the integration into the near detector at the research center J-PARC in Japan.

Bachelor's thesis topics (2020):

  • Development of a slow control for the sensors of the gas monitor chambers of T2K
  • Test measurements with the prototype of a gas monitor chamber for T2K

Master's thesis topics (2020):

  • Development of a DAQ for the gas monitor chambers of T2K
  • Integration of the gas monitor chambers into the system of the new T2K-TPCs at CERN

Further information about the offered theses topics can be received also in direct discussion or by eMail with us. In these discussions, the above topics can also be modified, expanded or completely new topics for theses can be developed.