Finished theses


PhD Theses

Philip Hamacher-Baumann (2022)
Study of electron swarm parameters in argon-based drift gases at high pressures for future neutrino experiments

Thomas Radermacher (2019)
Measurements and Simulation of Drift Gas Properties for the Time Projection Chambers of the T2K Experiment and for Future Neutrino Experiments

Lukas Koch (2018)
Cross-section measurement of neutrino interactions in the TPC gas of the T2K off-axis near detector

Jochen Steinmann (2014)
Design, construction and commissioning of a gas-mixing-system for gaseous particle detectors


Master and diploma theses

William Ma (2018)
Development of an FPGA-based multi-chamber readout system for measuring drift properties of electrons in gases

Philip Hamacher-Baumann (2017)
Design of a Gas Monitoring Chamber for High Pressure Applications

Lukas Flötotto (2013),
Oscillation analysis using data of the ND280 detector (in German)

Lukas Koch (2013),
Measurements and simulations of drift gas properties

Stefan Schoppmann (2012),
Statistical Methods for the Interpretation of Recent Results in Neutrino Physics

Teja Wrobel (2011),
Systematic measurements of the drift velocity and gain using the gas monitor chambers of the T2K experiment (in German)

Jochen Steinmann (2010),
Commissioning of the monitor chambers for the TPC of the T2K experiment (in German)

Dennis Terhorst (2008),
Development of a monitor chamber for monitoring the drift chamber gas of the T2K TPC (in German)


Bachelor theses

Paolina Noll (2021)
Commissioning and test of a gas monitor chamber for the T2K near detector

Leonard Kaiser (2020)
Development of a sensor system for the gas parameters of drift chamber gases

Leon-Marco Siegner (2019)
Simulation of Different Pad Geometries for Micromegas-Readouts in Time Projection Chambers

Christian Girr (2019)
Charakterisierung eines Vorverstärkers

Leon-Marco Siegner (2019)
Simulation verschiedener Padgeometrien für Micromegas-Auslesen in Zeitprojektionskammern

Jeff Stradas (2018)
FEM basierte Simulation von Gasverstärkungs-Strukturen in Driftkammern

Vitali Strom (2018),
Inbetriebnahme von und erste Messungen an einer Hochdruck-Monitorkammer

Ilya Aleshin (2017),
Simulation der Diffusion von Elektronen in Driftkammern

Gregory Murrell (2017)
Determination of the Composition of a Drift Chamber Gas Mixture by Analysing the Electron Drift Velocity

Mara Caltapanides (2017)
Neutrino oscillation sensitivity studies for long baseline experiments in Japan

Patrick Kinz (2016),
Commissioning and Characterization of a pre-amplifier for the T2K monitor chambers (in German)

Adrien Kipp (2016)
Neutrino Oscillations at the T2K Experiment

Jens Laumann (2015)
Studien zu Absorptionsspektren von Driftkammergasen

Philip Hamacher-Baumann (2015),
Characterisation of pre-amplifiers for the read out of the T2K monitor chambers (in German)

Clemens Hasler (2015),
Measurement of longitudinal diffusion using the T2K monitor chambers (in German)

Michael Schulz (2014)
Entwicklung eines Web-Interface für die Ausgabe und Darstellung der Eigenschaften von Driftkammergasen

Meriem Boubdir (2012),
Generator study of final states in charged-current neutrino interactions (in German)

Markus Drösser (2012),
Pion multiplicity in charged-current events in the ND280 detector of the T2K experiment (in German)

Lukas Flötotto (2011),
Analysis of data of the T2K experiment - Analysis of the angular distribution in the Nd280 detector (in German)

Lucas Lange (2011),
Analysis of data of the T2K experiment - Improvement of a analysis programme (in German)

Paul Malek (2011),
Gas monitor chambers of the T2K type - Data taking and data analysis (in German)

David Rittich (2011),
Gas monitor chamber of the T2K type - Integration and commissioning (in German)