Nuclear Verification and Disarmament

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Verification is vital to ensure the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, and to enable arms control and disarmament, as it can detect non-compliance with agreements and build confidence. The Nuclear Verification and Disarmament group conducts technical research to develop new verification approaches that address emerging challenges and will be essential to make progress on nuclear disarmament. An interdisciplinary initiative, the group also explores the conditions and avenues that enable reductions in nuclear weapon arsenals and weapons-usable fissile materials.

The research lies at the crossroads of experimental physics, computational nuclear engineering as well as the social sciences. The group and its current main project on nuclear archaeology is sponsored by a FREIGEIST-Fellowship of the VolkswagenStiftung.

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Main research in Aachen

Integrated Nuclear Archaeology

Reactor Archaeology

Radioactive Waste Archaeology

Antineutrinos für Rüstungskontrolle

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