Experimental Techniques in Particle Physics


or „How do particles find their way into the computer?“

Copyright: © Peter Winandy


Stefan Roth

Andreas Nowack

Jochen Steinmann


Lecture incl. Exercises and „journal club“
Software tutorial on GEANT simulation package
Tutorial on FPGA programming


1. Sources: Production of high energy particles

2. Interaction: Passsage of particles through matter

3. Detection: Principles of particle detectors

4. Readout: Electronics and Digitization

Learning Outcome:

After this course you will be able to understand how particles interact with matter, transfer this knowledge to the design of particle detectors, model particle detectors within a software framework, track particles through a detector simulation, understand how detector signals are digitized and program special digital electronics devices (FPGAs).


1. Leo, Techniques for Nuclear and Particle Physics

2. Grupen, Particle Detectors

3. Kleinknecht, Detektoren für Teilchenstrahlung