The Einstein Telescope at the "Grenzlandkonferenz"

Grenzlandkonferenz 2022 Copyright: © Eric Hennes



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Those responsible for the German-Dutch border region meet regularly at the so-called Borderlands Conference. Yesterday, this took place in Aachen. The main event in the Coronation Hall of the City Hall was accompanied by a series of side events and workshops. Politicians from the Dutch province of Limburg, Aachen, the Aachen city region, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the federal government met with scientists to talk about the Einstein telescope. We had a lively exchange and received many new impulses towards the approval of the project. Part of the side event about the Einstein telescope was a small exhibition about the project. In the picture, Prof. Stahl is explaining to some of the politicians the prototype mirror mount for the ET Pathfinder. In the middle of the picture, with his back to the camera, the Minister of Economic Affairs of the Province of Limburg, Stephan Satijn.