Performance of a prototype BGO calorimeter in an electron beam from 2 to 50 GeV

Bakken, J. A. (Author); Bellomi, G. (Author); Bizzarri, R. (Author); Böhringer, T. (Author); Borgia, B. (Author); Bourquin, M. (Author); Boutigny, D. (Author); Burq, J. P. (Author); Carminati, F. (Author); Chemarin, M. (Author); Denes, P. (Author); Dionisi, C. (Author); Elmamouni, H. (Author); Extermann, P. (Author); Falciano, S. (Author); Ferroni, F. (Author); Gratta, G. (Author); He, J. T. (Author); Ille, B. (Author); Kaaret, P. (Author); Klok, P. (Author); Lebrun, P. (Author); Longo, E. (Author); Lu, Y. S. (Author); Martin, J. P. (Author); Micke, U. (Author); Morand, R. (Author); Ossman, J. (Author); Perret-Gallix, D. (Author); Perrin, E. (Author); Piroué, P. A. (Author); Produit, N. (Author); Rosier, S. (Author); Ruckstuhl, W. (Author); Schmitz, D. (Author); Schneegans, M. (Author); Stickland, D. P. (Author); Summer, R. L. (Author); Tung, K. L. (Author); Valente, E. (Author); Vivargent, M. (Author); Weill, R. (Author); Wijnen, T. (Author)

Amsterdam / North-Holland Publ. Co. (1987) [Fachzeitschriftenartikel]

Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research : Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment
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Ausgabe: 3
Seite(n): 535-541