Possible Theses in the SiFi-CC Project

  Setup at the experimental hall Copyright: © Karim Laihem

Ion therapy is a very precise tool in cancer treatment because of its characteristic longitudinal dose profile (Bragg peak). To optimize the precision of ion therapy, a real-time monitoring of the longitudinal Bragg peak position is needed. A promising approach towards online range verification in ion therapy is the analysis of prompt gamma radiation emitted by several nuclear processes. In our group a SiPMs and scintillating fiber-based Compton Camera (SiFi-CC) has been developed. This camera will record the prompt gamma radiation and will be able to reconsturct the position of the bragg peak. The project is a close international collaboration with the Jagiellonian University Krakow as well as the Lübeck University.



Picture of a simulation Copyright: © Jonas Kasper

On the SiFi-CC project, we offer master and bachelor theses on request. Topics include

  • data analysis
  • simulation
  • AI methods
  • hardware development

Most of the theses include parts from more than one of these areas. A collection of currently available topics can be downloaded here.




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