JUNO photomultiplier tubes finalized

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The JUNO OSIRIS group (from left to right: Jochen Steinmann, Cornelius Vollbrecht, Christian Wysotzki, Feng Gao) tested and packed the last photomultiplier tubes for JUNO. A successful, busy time in the "Tanzsaal" is thus drawing to a close. The photomultiplier tubes will now be sent to China and installed in the JUNO OSIRIS experiment. OSIRIS will be a miniature version of JUNO, keeping 20 tons of liquid scintillator within a cylindrical acrylic vessel well-shielded by a surrounding water shield. Nearly 100 photomultiplier tubes will monitor the scintillator and detect light emissions caused by the decay signals of minute concentrations of radioactive contaminants. Congratulations on the successful intermediate stage on the way to the determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy and to perform precision measurements of the Pontecorvo–Maki–Nakagawa–Sakata matrix elements.